Tribe of Yahudah Long Sleeve Shirt


This long sleeve round neck shirt depicts the TRUE Torah and Biblical description of the people of the Tribe of Yahudah / Judah. Yahudah are known and described to be black of flesh with hair as the pure wool. The only type of race on Earth who can grow an afro and a beard. Known to be incredibly powerful runners; in-fact the fastest in the world. They are known for their athletic abilities, singing abilities, dancing abilities and more. This is the very tribe THE MESSIAH was born through. They migrated to West Africa where they were sold into slavery. They are also known today as the “African-Americans”. They are a lost people, who do not know their identity. These chosen people are not Africans at all but a completely different ethnicity. This image is of a king holding his scepter which to this day is very familiar with the Kings in West Africa. This shirt also comes with The Testament of Judah.

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Mens 100% Cotton Round Neck Long Sleeve Shirt. Graphic at front.
Garment Care: Wash inside out with cold water with similar colours using a gentle cycle. Do not tumble dry. Hang dry or dry flat. If ironing is necessary iron inside out on low setting. Avoid using bleach.

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