Tribe of Levi T-Shirt


This shirt depicts the detailed image of the Biblical Priests of the Tribe of Levi. A very disciplined, strong and stern priests who took no nonsense when it came to YAHUAH. They, who are the same as Moses, are the closest connection to our creator YAHUAH. They are identified by their breast plates with the 12 stones of the 12 Tribes of Yisrael. Although they lived in the Southern Kingdom of Yahudah / Judah, they lost their way, in turn suffered the curses of Deuteronomy Chapter 28. They are now located in West Africa and most importantly, the Levites taken by ships to slavery are today known as Haitians in Haiti. If you know the Haitians you will know they are revolutionary fighters with swords, especially when it came to their freedom from slavery. This shirt also comes with The Testament of Levi.

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100% Cotton Shirt. Crew Neck. Graphic at front.
Garment Care: Wash inside out with cold water with similar colours using a gentle cycle. Do not tumble dry. Hang dry or dry flat. If ironing is necessary iron inside out on low setting. Avoid using bleach.

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