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About Us


Greetings and Blessings to the awakened / selected / researchers who seek the face of THE MOST HIGH. YAHUDAH FIRST is named by a passage of the Books. We offer high-quality custom tailored artwork on shirts for all who seek YAH. Our shirts are made from quality 100% Cotton fabrics.

YAHUDAH FIRST is for all The Tribes and all the awakened grafted in Gentiles. YAHUDAH FIRST is part of no religion or group or cult or organization. We are team YAHUAH, MOST HIGH and HOLY SPIRIT RUACH only. They are our only commanders, creators and leaders who lead us by the LAWS. None else. There is no racism by us. We welcome all who are blessed to be awakened.

YAHUDAH FIRST likes to focus on the deliberately omitted Books of the Torah and Bibles. We go as far back as we can go in our research. We unravel and keep seeking. We also like to seek the original TONGUE of the Books to understand what is really said. This site goes by two names with the intention of splitting the sites in future; for education and sales. You can contact us on YAHUDAHFIRST.COM and YAHUDAHSTORE.COM.

The more people we get, the cheaper the cost of the shirts. Other products will be added soon. We prefer to sell in bulk abroad due to the cost of postage. In YAHUAH, this site will grow. We can, in turn, help our scattered peoples.

We Bless You. We Bless You. We Bless You.


We were sent a free sample of the Tribe of Levi T-shirt, just before Christmas. The shirt is perfect. The packaging very beautiful. It also came with a scripture detailing who the Tribe of Levi are. Our church ordered 30 T-shirts. We informed Yahudah First that we will be ordering more T-shirts soon.

Holy Trinity Family Chapel

The t-shirt is very good. The detail that came with the shirt was very eye opening. One design made me wake up. Once you wear the shirt, curious people will ask you where you got your shirt from. The detailed testament included with the t-shirt makes for good conversation.



  • Roman Battle
  • True Yisrael
  • NLE Choppa - Bryson
  • Naphtali
  • Zulu Naphtali
  • Roman Battle
  • Yahusha
  • Deut Chapter 28

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