This video is not intended to incite racism or controversy, but rather for educational purposes in order to illustrate the history of a particular people.

The objective is to provide a complete illustration of how and why the so called “African-Americans”, “West-Africans”, “Jamaicans”, “Haitians”, “Black-British”, “Black South Americans”, “Aboriginal Australians”, “Polynesians”, “Irish” and more,  fulfill the curses recorded in chapter 28 of the Original KJV 1611, Book of Deuteronomy. Others fitting the description and fulfilling the prophecies of the Biblical Israelites are not limited to, but include African-Shemitic Hebrews (such as Ethiopian Hebrews and Hebrews of West and South Africa), and some Native Americans. All listed are not Africans at all but a completely different ethnicity. A lost people who do not know who they are but are waking up.

Please research the content of the video in order to verify the accuracy of this information.